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Heaven and Earth 4 weeks coaching GOLD


  • 3 hr 30 min
  • 265 euros
  • 2e Dwarsweg

Service Description

4 weeks Heaven and Earth coaching GOLD content: - 1 online session 60 minutes on zoom, once in 4 weeks - 2 online sessions 30 minutes on zoom, twice in 4 weeks - 4 email contacts in 4 weeks, once a week - EMERGENCY EMAIL CONTACT with a quick response and assistance in the solution - Sacrament of the Anointing for Victory in all that you do at the last zoom session Heaven and Earth personal coaching with Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja is the most practical way to solve your problems through spiritual guidance and Divine intercession. All areas of living: material and spiritual are covered by the high professional spiritual guidance of Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja.  You get a very down-to-earth, human approach to your life situations combined with a very strong Divine intersession right from the Great White Throne of the Almighty One. 
Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja is guided through The Holy Spirit by our blessed Saviour and Seven Archangels in her ministerial work. All your questions are answered by Rev. Maria through her direct contact with our Heavenly Father. You will receive a perfect understanding of your Divine Plan and your life calling for this embodiment. All challenging life situations on your Path will be analyzed, elevated and worked out at spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical levels of your being.  Heaven and Earth personal coaching is based on a weekly spiritual interchange between you and Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja for 4 weeks.  You can choose between 3 levels of spiritual coaching: SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND. The difference between these levels lies in the intensity of coaching, the energy investment and the availability of Rev. Maria for you. One coaching round contains four weeks of spiritual assistance that starts from the moment of your purchase. You are free to add the next 4 weeks' package as a monthly follow-up or to make a break for a couple of weeks /months and restart with the personal coaching later.
 You are also free to stop with your Heaven and Earth personal coaching after finishing your first 4 weeks of guidance. May you enjoy this investment of your time and energy in your quick spiritual growth and a final breakthrough on your Path! FOR AS ANYONE OF US FINDS OUR WINGS, THE ENTIRE WORLD IS LIFTED!

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