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These beautiful 150 messages from Mother Mary's Immaculate heart are recorded for you by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja. They are revealed to inspire, to guide and to reinforce spiritually all devotees of the Blessed Virgin who are willing to support Mother Mary's Mission for the salvation of all children on earth.



This e-book contains 150 encouraging messages from Mother Mary which are recorded on video and are a part of 365 days prayer vigil to Beloved Mother of the Christ. This video vigil is recorded by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja and is to follow on You Tube channel "365 DAYS WITH MOTHER MARY". You are welcome to join our worldwide community of Mother Mary devotees by starting your own prayer challenge of 365 days. Just go to this channel and watch 1 prayer video every day. 



 In this way, you can support Mother Mary's Mission by reciting the prayers recorded on video and by tuning into the Words of Wisdom released from Mother Mary's loving heart. Every prayer video contains 1 message from Mother Mary.


This e-book can help you to internalize the sacred teachings of the Blessed Virgin in a deeper way. You can watch her messages on video first and study them afterward from this e-book. 


You will see that when you will proceed with your vigil, your inner Light, Compassion and Wisdom will increase many times...




Mother Mary’s messages are of great relevance in these challenging times. She teaches us how to pray, how to keep our vision of Victory, and how to stay pure in our hearts and minds. She teaches us how to hold high our inner holiness and how to pursue the Path of personal Christhood in our lives. In each message, she lifts us up in Spirit and encourages us with her loving Heart to try to see life from a higher perspective and with a more compassionate and loving attitude toward all. Her teachings open the door to the transformation of our ignorant souls into the Diamond of our Great Divine Self. 


150 Messages from Mother Mary

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