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Reverend Maria Piotrovskaja

is a spiritual servant, teacher, coach, therapist and the anointed Priest of the Most High. She is a spiritual leader and founder of the Universal Ministry of Divine Love.  

Rev. Maria has dedicated her life to the spiritual service to mankind. She is a high intelligent and enlightened woman, that is guided by The Holy Spirit in every area of her life. The sacred gifts of The Holy Spirit that rest upon her help Rev. Maria to bring positive changes in human lives. The transforming power of her prayers and healings is noticed by all her followers through more than 10 years already.

Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja shares her spiritual gifts with her followers on her long-standing You Tube channel "Universal Prayers" and another beautiful You Tube channel "365 days with Mother Mary"

May the heartfelt words of the one of her spiritual colleagues reflect the inspiration that Rev. Maria brings to this world:


"Dear Maria, Your Prayers and Blessings are so Pure and Divine. Thank you for being here and sharing your Heaven's Light with us all who hear the call and feel the Presence of Divine Love. You are a divine creation of Our Father's infinite Love Blessed and a Blessing to me and all you connect to with your heart felt messages enriched with Heavenly energies like a Rainbow Bridge connecting Heaven to Earth with your Love.

Blessed Angel Maria, you are a Heavenly messenger and a guide to the Light Path  to many how encounter you on their way.  You touched my heart and I felt your energies so pure and true healing with a soft tenderness of compassion. Truly you bring a deep Love and sincerity to each one who you are guided to contact and leave each with a warm glow in there hearts of an angels touch.  I thank you for being here and helping so many along the way from my heart to yours,


Namaste     Rab Adamson



Dear Maria, I am blessed to have had a zoom session with you. My life feels anchored and I am a lot more peaceful than I was. I could truly sense and feel the energy of love, positivity and divinity around. There has been a huge shift in me and I will confirm things as they happen in due course. God bless you abundantly above and beyond!

~ Sonia J.
GIRL PRAYING BLUE closed eyes 2.jpg
Dear Maria,  thank you for your powerful, amazing session! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DIVINE AND OTHERWORDLY !!!
I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and your desire to help the humanity to open their potential abilities and gifts!!!



I cannot tell you how valuable having a one on one conversation with Rev. Maria is. She is a beautiful soul and a true healer. I felt results within myself immediately after the session. I not only feel better but my faith is stronger; my hope and faith renewed. Don't hesitate to reach out to her. She is truly a light worker and will give you peace. Thank you Rev. Maria, you are a blessing.

~ Nadia S.


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