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The Ritual of Abundance is composed, performed and recorded by Rev. Maria Piotrovskaja. This ritual is a well working, powerful spiritual tool for everyone who is striving to change his own personal financial situation very quickly.


You will receive the audio files of this audio ritual on your email send by Please open this email, click on the download link and save the mantras on your PC or other divice you will use for this ritual. 


The Ritual of Abundance is based on very ancient sanskrit mantras to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Kubera, the personal assistant of Lakshmi who is the cosmic distributor of the money stream to all people on earth. During the ritual cycle of 33 days you will be reunited with the unlimited universal source of abundance and will receive a financial miracles offered by blessed Lakshmi and magnificent Kubera to you and your family.


This audio Ritual of Abundance contains 7 powerful mantras that can create a significant breakthrough in your financial situation. 


  1. The first mantra will remove a blockage from your personal wealth channel
  2. The second mantra will expand the money stream in your life
  3. The third mantra will will help you to come in sync with the vibration of wealth in this world
  4. The forth mantra will dubble your income
  5. The fifth mantra will manifest unexpected financial miracles
  6.  The sixth mantra will empower you in realisation of your financial dreams
  7. The seventh mantra will open the gate to the most powerful increase of money on your bank account. 


Every mantra can open the doors to abundance for you. You may choose a mantra that you like most and repeat it at least for 30 minutes daily. You may also switch the mantras but you need to use the first mantra a least for 9 days when you switch to another.

When you have a bad financial situation you need to choose at least  3 mantras from this ritual and recite all three of them after each other  every day for 60 minutes during 33 days.

You will archieve the best results when you will recite all 7 mantras at the whole length from 1 to 7 every day for 33 day without skipping a day. This is the perfect way to remove old karmic blockages, even the family blockages or any kind of money curses.

When your financial situation is a complete disaster at this moment and you want to make a significant  breakthrough in your life, you should make a commitment for 33 days spiritual work with this Ritual of Abundance on a daily basis.


Are you looking for more Wealth, Success and Abundance?


Are you wondering how you can finally break down all your personal barriers against the ultimate money flow into your life?


Are you facing some financial problems at this moment or are you trying to get out of the financial turmoil? If you answer "Yes" to these questions you need to start today with your personal ritual of Abundance for  the miraculous financial transformation in your life.


Audio Ritual of Abundance

  • You will get your  audio files through Please check your email. Contact us if this transfer download link is missing. 

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